1. Not at all. We're just a study group trying to make a difference in the community by contributing our time and knowledge.

  2. Simply put, a computer and/or a notebook, energy, willingness to learn and share what you know. And that's it!

  3. There's a meeting every Saturday unless specified otherwise.

  4. It's completely free of charge.

  5. You'll have the opportunity to focus on your own study plan. Also, we try to provide workshops on a large variety of topics, such as #html #css #js #react #vue .
    Staying in touch with different levels of developers is a good way to improve your skills.

  6. Ofcourse not! We're here to help everyone, if you have a passion for development, or you just find it interesting then you're all set to go.

  7. We're here for everyone, from the newbie developer to the facebook superhero developer, we're always keen to help you and to share our knowledge with you. Tag along and learn something new

  8. We're not just about code, we strongly encourage networking between our campers and that's one of the strongest points of our meetups.
    By attending you're giving yourself the chance to meet new like-minded people with whom you can share questions, war stories or even land your next gig.

  9. One of our missions is to make an impact on society by helping new developers reach the market, we would be more than glad to have you come over and network with our campers, no strings attached.
    Come for a coffee, talk to fellow campers and maybe you'll find the new bill gates.

  10. That's something we'd gladdly look into, as an organization we have some basic needs and costs that are currently covered by ourselves, if you think you can help with any of the following kindly get in touch:

    • Website hosting
    • Streaming material
    Or simply help us buy a coffee! Developers ❤️ coffee!
    ☕ Buy me a BICA